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Wild Bird Dried Protein Worms 1.2kg

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Mealworms are high in protein and calories and are a great treat that appeals to a wide variety of wild birds! Soak dried mealworms in water overnight to rehydrate them making for an extra special treat for birds! 

Our Gardman Protein Worms are rich in protein and a favourite of Robins and many other insect loving species. Replacing what birds already eat, mealworms feed particularly well as birds naturally feed on insects – making this a popular choice of food for all birds. Soaking in warm water also makes the mealworms popular amongst younger birds.

  • Rich in protein and energy
  • Loved by Robins & Black birds
  • Preferred by insect eating birds, closest to a natural diet
  • Recyclable, plastic free box
  • High Calorie
  • High Protein
Ingredients: Protein Worms